Stories of Hope – An Advent Devotional for 2018


In the coming blog posts, throughout the coming days, you’ll find poems, short reflections, questions, and prayers that will accompany you on your Advent journey.

We’ve entitled this collection “Stories of Hope” not because you’ll get a succinct, hopeful story each day, but because it is our hope that each day you’ll be led to a new way to look for and experience hope in the stories that surround you.

Advent is the “season of waiting,” where we’re encouraged to take time to prepare for Christ’s coming into the world.  We hope and pray that you’ll take this time, using these or similar words, to be attentive to the gifts that this season of short days and long nights provides.

Advent brings with it a number of gifts, not the least of which is hope.


PM and PT

All italicized quotes, poems, and prayers in these Advent Devotions come from “An Advent Sourcebook” (Liturgy Training Publications/Chicago, IL, 1986). 



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