Parable: The Walker Family & Coffeehouse

CoffeeHouse Mug logoCoffeehouse has been a service opportunity that we have been fortunate to be a part of for the last few years.  When we first started, it was just that, a service opportunity.  However, we have found that serving others at Coffeehouse has evolved into being a part of a Raleigh community that we might not have interacted with if it were not for the conduit of Good Shepherd.

While it has been exciting building new relationships with Coffeehouse attendees and Good Shepherd members, the reason we love Coffeehouse is because of the non-judgement and atmosphere of pure joy.  Seeing relationships that have been built through Coffeehouse between folks of all ages, races, genders, mental/physical ability, etc. provides a two-hour glimpse into how a Christ-centered world may be.  Though we may be there to serve others, we are the ones who hope to emulate these relationships in other aspects of our lives.

Coffeehouse also helped us be more willing to be a part of other communities outside of Good Shepherd.  We had been hesitant to sign up to serve at a One Day with God camp, a prison ministry where fathers who are in prison get to spend a Saturday with their children.  Coffeehouse helped us see past any of the typical ‘labels’ and see dads who just want to build a relationship with their kids.  It was an emotional experience that along with Coffeehouse has helped us begin to imagine what true kinship may be.

Good Shepherd has provided us with opportunities to grow our faith.  Serving has helped us focus on how we can be more Christ-centered in our lives and how we can begin to be advocates for kinship within the Raleigh community.

In love,

Amber, Hunter, and Parilee Walker

Coffeehouse at Good Shepherd was established over 20 years ago to provide an opportunity for social interaction and fellowship between adults of all abilities. Refreshments and entertainment (including live music in a variety of formats from sing-alongs to karaoke, gospel to country, jazz to folk music) are provided. There is no charge for admission. Check out upcoming Coffeehouse at Good Shepherd dates here.

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