Parable: Cliff Wilcoxen and Meals on Wheels

cliffCliff Wilcoxen has been serving our community through Meals on Wheels for almost 20 years. When asked to talk about this ministry, he doesn’t talk about himself, but instead talks about the many people with whom he has formed relationships over the years. One person enjoys discussing her morning devotion with him. Another expresses concerns about his health and medical expenses. Many are local, but some are from other countries with diverse life experiences to share. Cliff delivers food, but he also spends a few minutes talking with people who, too often, are isolated and lonely. He’s learned their stories, and they’ve become friends. Cliff looks forward to it every day.

Cliff says, “If you are searching for an opportunity to volunteer your time in a Christian endeavor, may I suggest delivering Meals on Wheels. The experience will open your eyes, and heart, to the number of people in need in our own North Raleigh. The “thank you” and “have a blessed day” responses received that day will convince you to want to do it again.”

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