Visitation at Good Shepherd – Part Three

New Ventures

Visitation Pastor

The second component of our plan for Visitation Ministry is to call a new, part-time Visitation Pastor. This pastor will primarily visit homebound members, but they will also be available to follow-up with folks who have been sick or in the hospital, after PT and I have already seen them. While both pastors visit homebound members and will continue to do so, we would like for them to be visited more often. We hope that this person will start in the fall of this year.

Lay-led Visitation Ministry

This summer, Good Shepherd launched a new Visitation Ministry to better serve our homebound members. Its purpose is to maintain connection and to be Christ’s presence. This group addresses non-emergent visitation needs and strengthens the connection between Good Shepherd and those who are unable to attend worship. This ministry does not replace the work of the pastors; it supplements it. Many of our homebound members enjoy these visits from lay people, in between their normal pastoral conversations. This group will sometimes also act as a source of referrals for other caring ministries, such as Stephen Ministry, Helping Hands, and Flowers.

Our goal is to build and sustain relationships in which God can dwell. And we know, every relationship takes work and planning from time to time. We feel God calling us to know each other more, and to care for each other more deeply. We hope that this three-part plan will lead us in that holy direction.

Take good care,
Pr. Marsha

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