Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

This week, we begin our celebration of “Seasons of Creation.” Each week, we will offer a suggestion of a book or movie that is a good accompaniment to that Sunday’s theme: earth, sky, mountain, or humanity. This week’s theme is “Earth.”

Named one of the greatest science books of all time, Silent Spring is a classic in the field of environmental science. Published in 1962, this book made the American public aware of environmental concerns, especially the indiscriminate use of pesticides, for the first time. Rachel Carson was inspired to study pesticides when her friend, Olga Huckins, wrote to The Boston Herald and described the death of birds on her property following the aerial spraying of DDT to kill mosquitoes. Carson’s findings are chronicled in this powerful book which led to the reversal of national pesticide policy, a ban on DDT for agricultural uses, and, ultimately, the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency. During her life, Carson advocated for responsible and managed use of pesticides, with a concern for their impact on ecosystems.


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