What Would It Take?

What would it take to give some clues about our mission and vision at GSLC, straight from the moment you drive into the parking lot?


What would it take to do a little reversal regarding our lot? Our sign points to the street, but the doors are located in the sea of concrete around the corner. How might we put a sign, not with words but with our space, that we care about food, our ecosystem, and taking service seriously?

When Mason Kaiser came to me and wanted some ideas for an Eagle Scout project, I was determined to help him find something that served a purpose and furthered our mission. I had just preached about dreaming of the possibility (literally, it came in a dream) of using some of our parking lot islands as more than just ground cover. What would it take to make that usable real estate?

It seemed that Mason’s need and this vision might be a good match. He drew up wonderful schematics, sensitive to the size and structure of the plot so as to be noticeable, but not obtrusive.

It has come time to execute, and I’m excited.

I know that this isn’t a project with universal buy-in. We need to maintain it well. We need to be mindful of what we grow, as the plots aren’t huge. And in the fallow season we need to make the space continue to work with our mission of looking and being hospitable.

But this will provide space to grow some food for our Memory Cafe and Coffeehouse. Even a patch of cherry tomatoes will mean something. This will be a space for our preschool and summer camps to learn about growth and do natural science, hence the location near the front doors.

But more than all of that, this will be a visual reminder that our church cares: about service, about ecology, about feeding the hungry. Small as it is. And any visitor (and you, when you forget) will not miss the symbol.

At many churches the baptismal font is placed at the back of the church, near the doors, so that you can’t enter or exit without encountering your baptism. Our font is fixed, but this will provide a similar reminder for us.

Our calling at Good Shepherd is for service to the world, in many forms, as Christ calls and empowers us. I hope you’ll join this small mission in serving, and who knows what God will call us to do with this.

But what would it take to entertain the idea? I think we’re seeing part of the answer to that question.

See you in church,

PS – Thanks to Mason and his Scout Troop for the hard work, design, and labor of love and service it has already been!