Parable: Gail Vaughn and Memory Cafe



Gail Vaughn co-founded, and has since facilitated, GSLC’s Memory Café with the help of faithful volunteers to set up, cook, serve, and tear down this mobile eatery for many years now.


Hear Gail’s reflection indicating how she sees Memory Café fulfilling GSLC’s mission to be Christ-centered and life-changing:

“‘Let’s dance to the table’ were words my father said to help my mother process how to walk to the dinner table. He would hum a tune as they sashayed to supper. My mother had Alzheimer’s and music was the key that temporarily helped unlock her fading memory.

Memory Café was started to provide a safe, welcoming place for families facing dementia. Our guests arrive from all corners of Wake County geared for great food, conversation…and music. Comforting friendships have been formed between Memory Café families facing the effects of dementia. GSLC youth, Girl Scouts, and friends serve the food, lovingly prepared by volunteers.

Each month the décor is magical, including menu covers created by GSLC preschool. And the music! Musicians perform for our guests and when you see smiling, toe tapping, heads nodding, and even singing and dancing, you know music has once again found the key and exposed God’s grace.

‘Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place.’”

Thank you, Gail, for sharing your story and your life here at Good Shepherd.

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