Parables: Mike Sardi, Resource Director

<Good Shepherd’s staff is continually making connections between their work and our church mission.  These stories, or “parables” are where our life and work connect with God’s mission here. If you have a parable to share, please email the church office. We’d love to hear your reflection!>

MikeResource Director Mike Sardi attempts to live out GSLC’s mission to be Christ-Centered every day. “I always try to treat everyone with respect and make GSLC a welcoming place for members, staff and visitors.”

Mike sees part of his particular work as Resource Director to be acting responsibly for what God, through the people of Good Shepherd, provides for the world. “I try to be a good steward of the resources that God has provided for us. It really is God’s money. If I can save a dollar on a project or an expense, I feel like it is another dollar going to a ministry or someone in need. I don’t look at this as a job, but as a ministry to all I touch.”

But Mike sees Good Shepherd being Christ-Centered outside of the day-to-day work, too.  “I saw us being Christ-Centered first hand at North Raleigh Ministries on MLK Day. When I am around Memory Café and see how the volunteers interact with those folks, it shows what a positive impact we have in the community, and how we’re changing lives through service. If ever there is a need – food, clothes, gifts or even money, GSLC always responds in overwhelming ways.”

As Resource Director Mike also works closely with our GSLC preschool, and he sees the teachers and the students there as Christ-centered and life-changing ministers. “The preschool is an amazing place for children and parents too. We are providing a Christian environment for children to grow up in.”  He’s sure that God shows up in these moments, and everyone is helped, because “volunteering is good for the heart and soul.

When asked what he enjoys about changing lives at Good Shepherd, Mike loves it when we hit the streets. I have really enjoyed Rally/Raleigh Day and the Spring and Fall work days. I feel like that is part of our role here – to serve in any way we can to make a difference. Most days it seems like someone needs help with something and that is why we are here.

But in all he does, Mike knows he’s not finished growing into who God is making him at Good Shepherd, “I am a work in progress.” As we all are at GSLC.  God is continually making us life-centered, and is continually changing our lives.


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