Parable: Cassi Skaar and the Lutheran Youth Organization Gathering

Hey Church!

709350On the way to LYO (acronym for Lutheran Youth Organization) , I was a mix of emotions.

I did not know what to expect since this was my first time going. I knew that it would be similar to other Lutheran camps and get-togethers, but still very different. I was mostly excited because I knew that this was going to be a fun and an impactful experience, but I was still nervous.

What would the other congregations be like?

Would I make new friends?

Would I have a good time?

These were all the questions running through my head on the ride to Greensboro, but as soon as I walked into the first session those questions instantly left my mind.

I felt a sense of warmth and community as I walked into the room. Everyone seemed enthusiastic and welcoming. I knew instantly that it would be a great weekend.

After lots of dancing, singing, and conga lines it was time to meet our small groups. I was actually kind of eager to meet new people, and I am usually not. My small group was amazing, they were lots of fun to talk to and I definitely left with new friends.

This whole experience was fantastic, and a great way to get me prepared for the Houston Youth Gathering. I now had a sense of what it would now be like, yet still left waiting in suspense on what would happen next.

I loved every second of LYO and can not wait for the Youth Gathering. I know it is going to be another life changing moment where not only my friendships will grow, but my faith and trust in the Lord.


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