Staff Parable: Sarah Marchi

SarahThe staff at Good Shepherd takes seriously our mission and values.  We’re always trying to work and live and move in ways that are Christ-centered, so that we can be a place that is life changing.  From our front office to the back of the sacristy, our goal to connect the people of North Raleigh with God and one another is first in our sights.

Sarah Marchi, our Office Administrator, does this every day in ways that most people might not recognize.  But she sees her very presence as one of the things that keeps her work Christ-centered.  “I do my best, being kind, loving and generous with the staff, members, and anyone that comes by or calls.  Knowing that Christ is the center of my life and work helps me project Christ through communicating with others and by the work that I do.”

Of all the ways that GSLC embodies this Christ-centered presence in North Raleigh, Sarah lifts up Rally/Raleigh Day as a stand out.  In working on projects like Rally/Raleigh Day, as well as doing her best to be both the conduit and sift of communication coming in and out of GSLC, she feels she’s helping to change lives for Christ.

She sees lives changed here every week, but finds that holding the special task of helping families plan for funerals as being a place where she feels lives are held and molded most tightly.  “I enjoy when members trust the church staff with personal heart break and triumphs,” she notes. “I feel that this community is available for those that are in need and take care of one another.”

Sarah finds her Christ-centered and life-changing work rewarding here at GSLC, and hopes to continue to be available for whatever they might need. “I want to be present for members that have questions or needs.”

And she is.

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