Lent Begins Today


Our Lenten theme this year is “you are the way,” a simple reminder for us as we wander through this desert season of the church year that we can abandon all the ways we think of ourselves as the conduit for true life.  The God known in Christ is that conduit.  The Greek word for desert is eremos, which can be literally translated as “abandonment.”  Lent is the season where we abandon all of those shiny and flashy things we usually rely on to get us through this world, and instead lean whole-heartedly on the grace of a God who will go to death and back to show us the extent of Divine love.

Each day you’re invited to dive into the small but thought-provoking Lenten devotional of the same name as our theme.  It will be food for the journey.

Each week in services we’ll sing the Kyrie, inviting God to have mercy on our desert wandering.  Each week we’ll have a children’s sermon which will pull from our “Toolbox of Faith” for times when we feel alone.  And each week we’ll be drawn closer to God and one another in our All-Church Way of the Shepherd gatherings at the 9:30 am education hour.

Each week we’ll slowly but surely abandon all of that ego we’ve built up over the year, and return to the God who calls us to simplicity, humility, and true life.

See you tonight at 7:00 pm, and I pray for you a blessed Lent.


PS – If you are interested in seeing the complete event schedule for Lent and Holy Week, you can check it out online.

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