Going Green(er) at Church this Summer

Going GreenGSLC is going green(er)!

As we did last summer, we’ll be taking some initiatives in June, July, and August that will green some of our practices, both literally and figuratively, as we enter the “green season” of the church year.

Some consider the summer, or as the ancient church called it “ordinary time” to be…well…ordinary.  But consider your life and you will see that the majority of it is spent in the ordinary: dishes, driving, sitting behind a computer, sleeping, TV, learning, growing.  Ordinary Time in the church is so long because, in their ancient wisdom, those who devised the liturgical calendar understood that humans spend the most time growing imperceptibly in the ordinary spaces of their lives.

What this means, of course, is that we must pay attention to both Ordinary Time at church, and the ordinary moments of our lives, to see the hidden beauty waiting to be discovered there.

So, to accentuate that hidden beauty, and to go green(er) this summer, GSLC will be:

using a unified morning bulletin, cutting on paper and ink waste.  Our bulletin will contain both 8:15 and 9:45 elements, allowing for reuse across a Sunday morning service.  The 5:30 service will retain their already re-useable bulletin.

cutting out the Pewsletter for the summer.  Because we’re using a unified bulletin, we can actually include all Pewsletter information in the back of our Sunday morning booklet.  Want to know what’s coming up?  Just look in the bulletin!

One unified summer edition of the newsletter, available in late June.  This will cover June, July, and August.

fresh cut flowers from your own garden!  As our gardens yield this summer, you’re invited to bring in any flowers to beautify our worship space.  We’ll provide the vases.  Every Sunday you’re welcome to bring them in.

reusable mugs for coffee.  We’ve had special mugs made for GSLC, and they’re awesome (see pics soon).  A $15 dollar donation buys a mug for you AND one for the church hospitality center to be used on Sunday morning.  You take your mug home, and we’ll keep the other one at the church.

July worship series: Seasons of Creation! Using a worship resources by Lutherans Restoring Creation and the Uniting Church of Australia, we’ll be using the weekly scripture readings to make connections between theology and ecology.  You’ll grow in both your spirit and your heart for God’s gift of creation in these summer weeks.

Church in the World Service: July 16th! We’ll have our regularly scheduled services at GSLC at 8:15am, 9:45am, and 5:30pm, but there will also be a special bike blessing/bring your pets service happening outdoors, probably at Shelley Lake Park, at 9:45am that day as well.  We’ll have readings, songs, a sermon, Eucharist, along with a bike blessing. Following the service, an opportunity to ride together, walk the lake, and enjoy God’s creation with anyone who wants to attend.

Finally, I know that summer is a busy time between travel, vacation homes, and sporting events.  I want to encourage you all to remember to take a Sabbath, to dedicate some time each week to God in worship and study.  Our Sunday morning and Sunday evening services are designed to give you a time out to allow God to have some time in.

See you in church,


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