Time and Talent in Reverse

stewardship-1024x591Greetings from the stewardship team!

As we make our way through spring and towards summer, we’re sending out a quick update to let you know what’s coming up. In June you will receive a quarterly stewardship report. This report will include your year-to-date giving summary and update you on the many ways your gifts are at work in our church and community – including how even our loose offering for March is changing lives through Building Independence!

We’re also including a little more information about the needs-based stewardship model we’ve discussed before and how we believe it will benefit Good Shepherd and our shared mission. This model has also been called “time and talent in reverse.” Instead of annually asking members of our congregation every possible way they are potentially interested in helping out, in this model the needs are directly stated as they arise and members are invited to fill them. This is intended to help the congregation be more flexible to adapt to the needs at hand, and also more directly ask members what they’re interested in rather than attempting to play volunteer matchmaker.

An additional tenet of this stewardship model is the understanding that you’re not locked into serving in any one capacity indefinitely. Leaders asking for volunteers will be intentional about putting bounds on the commitment they’re asking for. For example, they may say “We are looking for 6 people who would each be willing to serve in the nursery for 4 Sundays this year.” The intention here is to reduce the initial commitment to make it easier for us to try new things (not to institute term limits).

The next time someone asks for volunteers and the voice in the back of your head says “That might be fun, but I’m worried I’d get stuck doing it”, go ahead and commit for whatever amount of time you’re willing. The worst thing that could happen is that you end up serving your church or community a few times in a way that’s not your new favorite… but it just might be!

Thank you again for the many ways you, both personally and collectively as part of our church family, are already using the gifts God has first given us to be a positive force for change in our world. The stewardship I have seen at Good Shepherd is truly inspiring and contagious. We are looking forward to how this stewardship model will allow us to even more quickly adapt to changing needs in our church, neighborhood, and world and help us to individually seek out how we can best steward God’s gift of time. We’ll discover together how God is calling us to serve in new and exciting ways!

In His grace,

Aaron Lindsay

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