A Call Committee Update

Blank profileGood news – as of Sunday, we have a primary candidate. This means we have stopped considering other candidates, and the candidate agrees not to consider other opportunities. This is a major milestone in our process.

The call committee is unanimous in support and excitement for this candidate. We found someone with a big heart, a team player who can get things done, who has the gifts and life experiences to relate to all of our members, and who can welcome and engage new members. We found a good preacher who will walk with us through joys and sorrows, and who will teach and challenge us.

Pastor Tim and our council met the candidate and had engaging conversations this weekend. I am very glad they met.

I wish I could tell you more, but we are early in the process and we need to provide the candidate time to inform the current congregation. Please understand how difficult that will be for all involved, and remember the candidate and candidate‘s congregation in your prayers.

At the right time, we will introduce the candidate to you. We will work as quickly as the situation allows. Pastor Tim and council have encouraged us to take any necessary time to proceed with the care and love needed.

Steve Martin | Call Committee Chair

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