A Stewardship Update

Now that the fall campaign is over, you shouldn’t have to hear from the stewardship team until that time next year, right? Wrong! We are building off the congregation’s impressive momentum coming out of the “Lives Transformed” appeal and making it our goal to ensure that we don’t restrict stewardship to only a few weeks out of the year.

Merriam Webster defines stewardship as “the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care.” When defined like that, it’s hard to see what in our daily lives isn’t stewardship. Our team is excited about the many gifts God has brought together at Good Shepherd and how we use them to do His work through life-changing service!

One way we are extending our stewardship throughout the year is by periodically giving away loose offering gathered on Sunday mornings to selected charities. Your tremendous response to the stewardship appeal enabled us to support more of God’s mission in the world this year! We’ll be announcing the first beneficiary shortly!

We are also considering transitioning to a needs-based stewardship model. What this would mean is that instead of asking each of you “What would you be willing to do?” once a year, we might ask “We need four more volunteers for Coffee House this week. Can you help?” Our hope is that this model will allow us as a congregation to be more organically responsive to needs as they arise and avoid pigeon-holing folks into what they raised their hands for months ago.

In that same vein, we encourage you to try something new this year. The next time Pastor Tim or Pastor Royall announces that a ministry team needs help, will you seriously consider it? Instead of thinking to yourself, “They’ll find someone to do that, they always do” (I’m not the only one, right?); what if we all ask “Here I am Lord. Is it I, Lord?”

Thank you for allowing us to serve as your stewardship team. We hope you are as excited about the future of Good Shepherd as we are. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more information about all things stewardship!

In His grace,

Aaron Lindsay

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