Call Process Update: It Begins

Greetings Church!

l-telephoneWell, the call team is starting the search for our next Associate Pastor here at Good Shepherd.  Prayer, study, and careful discernment are all playing a part in this process, and I ask that you add your own prayers to ours.

This search is just a little different from the search for the Senior Pastor.  Whereas the search for the Senior Pastor is a search for someone to help set trajectory, the search for our Associate Pastor is one where we’re looking for someone to fit in our trajectory, and compliment the ongoing work.  But, just as previous searches, we’re looking for the right candidate, not the first candidate that comes across the table.  God is calling someone into our context, and God is calling us to welcome the gifts of a pastor who will move, shake, come alongside us, and change us.

I’m greatly looking forward to this process, and looking forward to welcoming our next pastor.

Some things that we’ve indicated we’re looking for in this next pastor:

-A large heart.  We’re hoping this pastor will be one to embrace GSLC and all ages here with the love of Christ, exhibiting a warmth and vibrant nature.

-Skill in congregational care.  This pastor will oversee much of our congregational care strategies, both current and still-to-be-implemented, from Stephen Ministry, Eucharistic Ministry, to Visitation Ministry.

-An advocate for those on the margins.  GSLC does wonderful, charitable work, but we need someone to work with the staff and ministry teams to move us from simple charity to walking alongside marginal communities in advocacy.  This could be increasing awareness of the needs of adults with developmental disabilities, motivating us to get involved in the AIDs crisis in Zimbabwe that has created the many orphans that we support, or move us into new ways to partner with the hungry in Raleigh.

-A solid preacher and worship leader.  Our hour(s) of worship at GSLC are truly a moving experience, and we are becoming more and more known as being a place where vibrant, God-led worship happens. We want someone to help continue that trend so that the Gospel might be known!

-And speaking of Gospel, we want a faithful servant who knows the scriptures and the power of Christ in their life and the world.  We want someone who can, through education and everyday interaction, lead and point people to that Good News.

We’re off and running!  Pray for our Call Team members, and keep your eyes peeled for more updates as the Spirit moves and breathes here.

See you in church,


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